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Blepharitis is inflammation of the rims of the eyelids, which causes them to become red and swollen.


Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid margins, which causes them to become red and irritated. It is often associated with symptoms of dry eyes. It is a common condition which can develop at any age but is more common in young children and people over 50. Most people experience repeated episodes followed by periods
with no symptoms.


Types of Blepharitis

There are two main types of blepharitis:

  1. Anterior blepharitis: This affects the base of the eye lashes with a dandruff like condition. It is due
    to a low grade staphylococcal (bacterial) infection in the eyelids
  2. Posterior blepharitis: This is due to an overaction of the meibomian (seborrheic) glands that can
    become blocked, inflamed and infected.



The symptoms of blepharitis can include: burning, soreness or stinging in the eyes; crusty eyelashes and itchy eyelids. It can also cause lid cysts. Blepharitis is more commonly seen in patients with skin conditions such as: Dermatitis, Rosacea and Acne.



Blepharitis is usually a long-term (chronic) condition, which means once it develops it can cause repeated episodes.

There is no cure for blepharitis, but establishing a daily eyelid-cleaning routine can help control the symptoms and any dryness can be treated with artificial tear drops. Lid cleaning often needs to be continued indefinitely to prevent recurrence.

At Vista Eye Clinic in Naas and Ranelagh, we have a specialist Blepharitis clinic. Our Nurse Olive uses the latest technology to help patients manage this condition. Our Blephex device is used very precisely and carefully to spin a medical grade micro-sponge


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